A brief history

membriAs time of foundation of department are the following events: August 21, 1957 (when by mean of disposition no.114 of The Stat Institute of Medicine from Chisinau (SIMC) Director were established components of the department of Philosophy and Political Economy) and September 5, 1957 (when by mean of disposition No. 124 of ISMC Managing Director was appointed the chair of the department beginning with 26 august – Vera Smelîh      (1909-2000)).
Because in the summer of 1974 The Political Economy Department was founded,   “Philosophy and Political Economy” was reorganized in “Philosophy Department”. In the sixth decade of the XX century, the core of the department was constituted of three important professors: Peter Berlinschi, Didina Nistreanu, and Cotin Ludmila – all of them with medical degree.
After the retirement of V. Smelîh, between July 1970 and August 1971, the function of interim head of the department was exercised by the associated professor Vasile Toncovidov (1931-2003). From August 1971 to July 1986 the department is headed by university professor, Doctor Ability in Philosophy Alexei Şceglov (1905-1996) – the second head of the department since its establishment. During this period the other five professors had started their work: Valeriu Canicovschi, Lidia Anisimova, Igor Frolov, Alexandr Busman, Serghei Carpov. Professor A. Şceglov had served as Head of Department until 1 July 1986. Subsequently the function of the interim head of the department (July 1986 – November 1987) was entrusted to associated Professor Peter Berlinschi.           
Since November 1987 associated Professor Theodor Ţîrdea was appointed as the head of department. He, even form the first moments of activity, implemented many originals ideas, that lead consequently to the prodigious evolution of the department.

Beginning with the second half of 80s of XX century, were employed and perform efficiently their scientific and pedagogical activity Vitalie Ojovanu, Anatolie Eşanu Victor Doraş, Constantin Lozovanu, Iurii Caraman, Adriana Paladi, Rodica Gramma, Daniela Rusnac, Sergiu Sprincean.
On 12 July 1999 (by order no. 621-PS) Philosophy Department was reorganized into the Department of Philosophy and Bioethics – the first department of such kind in the former Soviet Union and even in Eastern Europe.
Between the years 1995-2005 Italian Professor, Director of the first Institute of Bioethics in Italy Pietro Cavasin(1930-2010) delivered the lecturer in the Department. In 2001, for outstanding achievements in promoting bioethics, our University has conferred to him the title of “Doctor honoris causa”.
Currently, from September 2008 until now, the head of the department is Doctor in philosophy, Associated Professor Vitalie Ojovanu.
Department is located in study block no. 4, third floor, to the address: bl. Stefan cel Mare, 194 B, Chisinau, MD-2004.

E-mail: filosofie@usmf.md, vitalie.ojovanu@usmf.md, 

Tel.. 022  205 207; 022 24 27 27